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I have worked with Erin on numerous occasions to develop strategic communications plans to help companies achieve their business goals. Once the plan is in place, she attacks it, working diligently on media outreach, influencer marketing campaigns, or whatever method she decides will be most effective. Her strategies increase and leverage awareness and impact, drive revenue growth, and maximize sustained engagement.

Erin is a master at instilling confidence and teaching message delivery skills. Whether working directly with a client or a spokesperson on behalf of that client, she understands the pressure, welcomes it, and delivers time and time again.

Erin doesn’t pull any punches, which is a valuable quality when you’re looking for a media strategist. If your pitch for a product or service simply isn’t newsworthy, she’ll tell you so. If your CEO is a terrible communicator, she won’t put him or her in front of the camera without extensive coaching. If you’re sick of glad-handing PR people who tell clients exactly what they want to hear, then Erin is a breath of fresh air. She is honest without being disrespectful, realistic while maintaining a solutions-oriented approach and opinionated, yet strategically tethered by a lifetime of newsroom experiences.

Erin brings an energy and level of professionalism unparalleled. Her versatility and attention to detail help Erin successfully coach executives and other spokespeople in a wide range of industries. Having spent much of her career in TV news, Erin brings a realism not often found in media training. What’s more, she’s kept her sense of humor and makes a sometimes intimidating learning session into a fun experience.

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